Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden

Yas, ladies and gentlemen, it is finally time to post my photos from my first ever trip to Sweden. First of all I want to say that it was a blast, this country is beyond amazing and I felt like I’ve seen civilization for the first time ever in my life, second of all, I’m heartbroken by the terrible event that happened yesterday in Stockholm. This beautiful country is now devastated and all I wish is that this will never happen again. My heart is and always was, with you, Sweden. 💔

Gothenburg is by far one of the most wonderful and modern cities I’ve seen so far. Lifestyle there seems so different from elsewhere, people are extremely nice and the weather was fantastic (except on my last 5 hours there when it started raining). I arrived on an early morning and I was really fascinated by all the buildings and their style, the way people behaved (no one stares at you like the undeveloped monkeys from my country) and by the language. Learning Swedish before I reach 30 is now my ultimate goal.

Sadly for me, Sweden is a very expensive country. Given the fact that I was travelling on a low budget, I had to do my best and not to spend a lot of money on food. In this case, I have to thank Lidl for the ‘almost’ cheap food provided during that week. I booked the cheapest hostel in the city and it was great. The Backpackers have a wonderful and affordable hostel. It was clean and the staff was really nice and helpful. By far, this was the best hostel experience I had so far (taking in consideration the nightmare stay from Budapest).

The city is divided in several parts and my favorite one is Haga, which is also the oldest part of the city. The streets have this fantastic charm and it feels amazing to wonder and get lost on them. Thankfully, I always had my map and I never got lost. Gothenburg is full of churches from different religious cults. I only visited one and I even attended a 15 minute service. The priest was a nice lady and people where mostly witnessing a wonderful piano concert. This would be considered a blasphemy in my wonderful 14 century country but yet again, let’s not deviate from the story.

On my first two days I was just wondering around, discovering the best hidden secrets of the city. I was fascinated by the parks there. Full of flowers that were waiting to ‘explode’ and sadly I wasn’t there to witness this but still I made some photos. What I loved most about Gothenburg was the fact that if you are under 25, you get free access to museums, exhibitions and so on. I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Art Gallery Museum and I was amazed by literally everything that was there. Also the history museum left me speechless. The history museum basically tells the story of the city and you get to experience it live with actual sounds and short documentaries. Starting from the 15th century ’till the modern days, this museum is breathtaking. I should also mention that I’ve seen the only viking ship that was discovered in Scandinavia and it was huge (see photos below).

On my first day I also discovered the university which is so different from the universities in my country. The Faculty of Economics, Business and Law is huge and it was a pleasure to wonder around it and see how things were organized. It felt different and had a more friendly enviroment than my university at home. Hopefully one day I will have the chance to study at the University of Gothenburg but I’m afraid it’s too late now. If you ever have doubts to come and study here, never hesitate, it’s all worth it!

I can write a book about my week in Sweden and I tried to make a small resume to not freak out people when they’ll see this post. Check out some of the photos that I’ve made during my stay in Sweden and if you have any questions about Gothenburg, feel free to contact me!

Welcome to Gothenburg! Here you can see the typical blue tram and the New Yorkish buildings.
The University of Gothenburg
Viking-ish place to have a coffee. Loved it!

Scandinavium Arena where Ace Wilder slayed with ‘Wild Child’ in February this year and possible arena host for Eurovision 2018 (oh yas).

Typical parks in Sweden. Can you imagine these flowers when they’re ready to ‘explode’?🌸

The History Museum

Good night from Gothenburg <3
Flo Weiss
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