Trip to Budapest 2017

After one hour flight with Wizzair from Bucharest, I arrived in the beautiful Budapest. I’ve been here before but I didn’t get the chance to explore the city but now I did and it was AMAZING. I also had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my dear friend from my last Erasmus experience, Eszter. She was very kind and she helped me explore some of the most beautiful parts of Budapest. One day is not enough to discover all the beauties this city has to offer but thankfully, I’ve managed to see some nice parts of Pest and also I enjoyed a delicious lunch at one fancy restaurant and a long bike ride around the Parliament building.

Staying in Budapest can be very cheap if you check, but you need to be very careful with the really cheap hostels. Since I was planning to sleep only one night, I booked a hostel in the inner-city part with only 5 euros. When I arrived at the place it literally took me 30 minutes to find where exactly the hostel was situated. The hostel didn’t had any sign outside to help people figure out where it is but I somehow managed to get internet (thanks to DM Hungary) and get the exact address and number of the hostel. In the end, the hostel was placed in a creepy old building and the manager already left the office even though on the internet it was mentioned that he will be there by 10 PM and I was there at 8:30 PM.

Anyway, some nice British tourists helped me figure out which was my bed and I slept there even though there was no one to accommodate me. In the morning, thanks to my amazing friend, we somehow managed to reach the manager and leave on time to explore the city. After this adventure, I took buss 200E and left for the airport. I knew I will have one more chance to explore Budapest after my trip to Sweden was over thus, I didn’t stress so much about not seeing everything yet.

This was the moment when I knew that my dream to visit Sweden will finally come true. I arrived at the airport and I awaited my plane with some proper Swedish music in my earphones. I was scared and excited at the same time…what if my expectations about Sweden were too high? What If I didn’t like this faraway country that I’ve been for so long dreaming about? Well you will find the answer in my next post where I’m gonna talk about my adventures in Gothenburg, Sweden…’till then, enjoy my photos from Budapest. 😊✈

This is Buda, the other side which I didn’t get the chance to explore. The castle is a must see tho’

The Parliament Building – Absolutely stunning

Commemoration dedicated to the Jewish people executed in the Danube by Hitler

Monument situated near the Parliament building

The bikes we rented for a bike ride near the Parliament. It was a blast!

One important rule that my friend taught me while being in Budapest is to always check the upper side of buildings. You will be impressed by the mesmerizing architecture.

That’s it for my first day in Hungary, it’s now time to board for Sweden. I’m really surprised how well equipped is the airport in Budapest and I absolutely LOVED the comfy chairs (take notes, Romania). See you soon!

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    1. I don’t usually use hotels when I travel since they are way too expensive. Go try a hostel, it’s not that bad and it’s cheap. Good luck 🙂

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