Trip to Bucharest 2017

Finally I’m able to write the story of my crazy trip that I had last week (Amen for internet). I always wanted to have a crazy one week trip by myself…just me and a backpack. Was it challenging? Yes, it was. Mostly because you freak out due to the limited luggage and the fact that you need to take critical decisions on which things you really need on this kind of trip. I only had a backpack filled with some clothes, products and an umbrella + a camera.

How did it go? It was awesome! Everything started with a small trip to Bucharest for one day, I just revisited some places since I already lived there for two months when I did my internship. Thanks to Ryanair, I was able to reach Bucharest from Timisoara in less than 45 minutes (by train it could take up to 10 hours) and I paid less than 10 euros (obviously planning my trip in advance). At 8 in the morning I was there and I had the full day to re-enjoy Bucharest before my next departure to Budapest.

I almost lost the bus which took me to my plane by waiting at the wrong bus station but I somehow managed to run and catch it before it left. I was shocked to see how much time it took to arrive in Bucharest, mostly because I always traveled by train and it was a first for me to travel by plane in my own country.

Bucharest is called “The little Paris”, which for me it’s a bit offensive given the fact that the city has its own unique charm but I get it why people call it like that. We have a lot of beautiful coffee places which gives you the impression that you arrived in Paris.

I made a little friend while travelling through the old center. 😁

There are many wonderful green parks in Bucharest. I always loved chillin’ in this one on my work breaks.

Romanian National Opera Building

Old church situated in the old center. You can find many old churches that survived the Communist regime in the old center. Check them out, you might be surprised by the architectural beauty of each one of them.

Academy of Economical Studies – The best Economics school in the country

Romanian Government

Day one was over and off I went for my next trip to Budapest. Me, my backpack and my camera. ✈

Coming soon on my next post!

Flo Weiss
Growing up in a small town in Western Romania, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet here I am, making dreams come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.