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It’s almost adventure time

Yes, it’s almost adventure time. I’m about to embark myself in a long journey to the land of vikings, to my dream land….to Sweden. I’m scared and excited at the same time but I know I need this trip to rediscover myself and to finally make this dream come true. It will be a full week and I’m gonna visit two big capitals and the second largest city in Sweden. I’m gonna travel with a combination of planes, buses, trains, metros and trams. Everything of course is in the middle of my studies but will this stop me? Nope. I’m gonna enjoy every second of it.

Obviously due to limited luggage, I won’t be able to carry a lot of stuff with me (no laptop) but I’m gonna try to somehow access my blog from the hostel where I’m gonna sleep in Sweden and keep you updated with how my travel is going. I’m happy with all the support I’m getting from all my friends and I hope I’m gonna enjoy every second of this scary trip. See you soon!

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