Robin wins Melodifestivalen 2017!

Wow! The Grand Final show was a blast! I loved how everything was organized and there were two incredible hours, as for the result…well I am overall happy. Robin’s performance was flawless and it’s certainly something new both for Mello and for Eurovision. I’m a bit disappointed about the result of Wiktoria and Ace but I’m happy John and Nano didn’t win, it’s not that I didn’t like their song…it’s just that Robin was way better.

As for the jury voting…well it felt really fake. I don’t know how SVT is organizing this international jury voting but I imagine that they paid all the juries to come to Stockholm and sit in one room and then they voted. The jury voting was quite similar to each other and that’s the reason why it felt like everything was manipulated for Nano to win. Thankfully that didn’t happen. They also announced a record of televoting of 14 million votes (Sweden has a population of 10 million people). That’s what I call PASSION! Shame on my country for being so lame and shame on TVR for being one of the lamest broadcasters in Eurovision.

Sweden will do great this year, not a winner again but will reach the top 10 easily since it’s a balladish year (thanks, Jamala). I’m looking forward for my trip to Gothenburg next week and I hope I will have lots of fun. Sverige, here I come!

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