Thoughts before Melfest Final

`It was a great national final season and Melodifestivalen was amazing this year. Overall, I’m really pleased with all the new and fresh songs we got from Melfest this year but I’m gutted for all those incredible songs that failed to qualify in the Grand Final. Probably the biggest victim of the year is Loreen. She tried to make a comeback with something totally different from ‘Euphoria’. ‘Statements’ is a pure master piece but sadly this song is not for everyone to understand, thus, the reason why it failed to qualify. I will surely have it on replay for the whole year! Also, Dinah Nah would have been an amazing addition to the Final but sadly she failed and damn she felt miserable about it.

Jasmine with ‘Gravity’ was one of my top 3 songs that I loved this year in Melfest but for some reason it didn’t even manage to qualify in the second chance round. I also loved Alice Svensson’s song ‘Running with Lions’ but yeah…My guilty pleasure is for sure Det Vet Du’s cray cray song even though I really hated it at the beginning (now I love it).

I’m not sure if I have a favorite this year. As usual, Ace Wilder’s song is amazing and it fits perfectly with the situation in my life right now and it would be amazing if we can finally see her in the big Eurovision. Also, Wiktoria is amazing and her new song has a totally different vibe from ‘Save me’. I love it and I think she can actually win the whole thing. Mariette’s song is okay, it’s nice, but for me, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ still remains her no.1 jam. Lisa Ajax has a nice song despite the hate she got from everyone. I’m really happy she managed to qualify from Andra Chansen and I can’t wait to hear the new version. Overall, I love 10 songs from the final and whoever wins, I think it will do great Kiev. Can’t wait for the Grand Final on Saturday! 😉🕗

Here some of my favorite songs in a random order. Sadly, some videos can’t be published in articles (damn you, SVT). Music is life 💘

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Small Update

Small Update

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Robin wins Melodifestivalen 2017!

Robin wins Melodifestivalen 2017!


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