Erasmus Diary 08: My last week

The final countdown has officially started. I have exactly seven days left from this Erasmus experience and the pressure of saying a temporary goodbye to people just breaks my heart piece by piece. Yesterday was a wonderful day. It was sunny and you could actually feel that everything started to transform and spring is almost here. We started the day with a wonderful picnic by the sea and then we ended it with some delicious pancakes from Slatka Tajna (must try) and a chill-out in Bizzare where the owner gave us free chips (we were #LoyalClients after all).

I had to say goodbye to the most incredible people that I met during my stay here: Daria and Daria, both from Russia. I’m a huge fan of #Melfest and #Sweden and it was a big surprise to find out that Daria is one as well. You can’t imagine the feeling that you have when you meet someone that shares the same interests as you have and having the possibility to discuss all the songs and events. It was amazing and I really hope we will get to see each other soon (in Sweden).

I have exactly seven opportunities to see the most beautiful sunset in the world and to enjoy all the beautiful views that Zadar has to offer. Thus, expect lots of posts with photos and cheesy stories…it’s the ending of my erasmus experience after all. 😜

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