Melfest 2017: Semifinal 2 Results

Another week ended and another Melfest semifinal came to an end as well. It was a strong one even though it was really easy to predict who will go out first (Etzia and that guy) buuut it came to a real tension when Lisa Ajax made it only to the Andra Chansen. She’s a great singer and her song was awesome (maybe I’m a bit subjective given the fact that I’m a big fan of her) and it was totally unexpected to see Benjamin taking her place in the Finals.

I prefer to see Mariette with dark songs but we have to admit that her performance tonight was flawless and I’m really happy she made it to the finals. Totally deserve it! Benjamin was OK, I like his song and I’m not sure if I can blame him for qualifying in the final. Well done anyways. I just hope that Bjorkman isn’t that evil to put Lisa Ajax to duel with a serious act (Loreen). Mariettte, Lisa and Benjamin will totally end up in my playlist this week along with Dinah Nah, Ace Wilder and Nano (sometimes I listen to Adrijana as well). I can’t wait to see what next week brings! #nouw30daychallenge continues!

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