Germany and Eurovision

It’s day 9 of the #nouw30daychallenge and I’m dedicating this post to Germany and the position of this country in the Eurovision paradise. Tonight they selected their entrant for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. They tried to bring back the same selection method through which they managed to discover Lena seven years ago (OMG time flies). Sadly for them, it was a complete failure. They had some decent voices in the contest but all the selection was organized using only two songs: Wildifire (which was the decent one) and Perfect life (fans say that it’s a cheap version of Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ and damn they’re right).

The past two years were a complete nightmare for Germany, ending last and even getting null points in 2015. They will totally go for the same ‘prize’ this year as well, the only country that stands between them and the last place is United Kingdom (another country that fails in Eurovision annually). But what’s the problem? Who is to blame for this failure? I am pretty sure Germany has amazing singers and talented composers but they need to put much more effort in selecting those songs and organizing a simple and non-complicated national final. You can’t handle a national final? Then go for internal selection….you can either end bad like France does or get approximately decent placings like Azerbaijan does every year. Financially speaking, they will never want to withdraw but their moral will totally drop after failing three years in a row. Coming up with a better national selection format and finding the right songs to compete in it is the answer for your disaster, Germany. I just hope that they will manage it next year and well…..good luck in Kiev this year, you’ll surely need it.

Levina was the best candidate when it came to vocals and I really hoped they would choose Wildifre for her (even Lena confessed that she preferred Wildfire more) buuuut they decided to go for ‘Perfect Life’. Give it a listen, maybe you will like it.

P.S: The only good thing about this national final was the fact that they implied international fans in selecting their entry, even though the results wasn’t that good. Thumbs up for that at least.

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