Day 8: Challenges

Damn it! This #nouw30daychallenge proves to be extremely challenging. It’s not that it’s difficult to write something but sometimes it’s difficult to find the topic or ideas to do it. It’s day 8 and it feels complicated already. Today was a chilling day, we went to canteen and then for a walk and finally some chilling at the dormitory. Tomorrow I will buy my buss tickets to Hungary and I’m a bit scared given the fact that I have to travel around 8 hours on two different buses (talking about challenges haha). 😄

Two weeks left until I’ll be in Romania again. I’m preparing my own International Guide for future students at the University of Zadar, so stay tuned on my blog. I will try to show how things really are and what to expect, not everything is perfect as it is described in the official guide. I will also try to give advice regarding accommodation, budget and very interesting places to see during your stay here. See you tomorrow and take a look at this huge banana we found in canteen today.

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It’s exam period, hence it’s the ‘best’ time to watch

Germany and Eurovision

Germany and Eurovision

It’s day 9 of the #nouw30daychallenge and I’m dedicating this post

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