Life without Internet

Life in Croatia is wonderful but not when it comes to Internet. Probably I got used with the amazing Internet speed my country has to offer but here having Internet is a luxury. I tried my best to somehow reconnect my laptop to the Internet in the dormitory but damn it seems I am basically not able to do that at all. So yeah, here I am, blogging and continuing the #nouw30dayschallenge on my mobile phone. Just as yesterday, today was a lazy day since I was just hanging out with my friends and the weather got very wet.

We had a great time and this new caffee bar we discovered in the old town and we also had a decent lunch together at the famous place we call menza. Now it’s time to pull a final struggle to finish with my last exam and finally head home. Until tomorrow!

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Melfest 2017: Semifinal 1 Results

Melfest 2017: Semifinal 1 Results


I miss home

I miss home

Erasmus abroad is amazing but at one point you can get homesick

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