Melfest 2017: Semifinal 1 Results

Okay. It was a terrible day. Firstly my internet stops working on my laptop, thus here I am, blogging on my phone.  Secondly, Dinah Nah fails to qualify in Melodifestivalen and she doesn’t even make it to Andra Chasen.  The overall show was pretty nice, I am very happy that Ace qualified in the final (totally deserved) and also Nano’s song is amazing, I’m not sure though if he was the right voice for it but yeah, he deserved to go to the final.

Boris was trying to trick people with the same style as last year but it didn’t work anymore. He still managed to go to the Second Chance round. Dinah Nah was robbed by that silly band buuuut every year we have these kind of surprises so I was expecting it. Now I’m waiting for Dinah’s song to be released on spotify. Can’t wait to see what next week brings. See you tomorrow! #30daysnouwchallenge continues!

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