Norma & John wins in Finland

Finland was my least favorite country in Eurovision but not anymore. Their national selection is known for the strong diversity and weirdness and every year they shock us with various acts that are way too crazy. This year they had 10 songs and I loved two of them: Emma (my favorite) and Norma & John. Emma’s song is a masterpiece but sadly she somehow managed to ruin the live performance. I suppose she was extremely nervous but anyhow, juries voted for her and as well as the Finnish public so she ended up in top 3 if I’m not mistaken.

I loved Norma & John’s song from the moment I discovered it but for some reason I thought they will never stand a chance to represent Finland due to the fact that they are unknown and Finland always chooses the crappiest of songs to represent them. Well…tonight I had a huge surprise. Norma & John won both the jury and public voting. Unbelievable. Finland is finally back in the game after so many years.

Florin Marian Suciu
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