Eurovision 2017: National Finals Season

We are officially in the heat of the National Finals Season. Everything started with Albania picking its entry in late December then Belarus and Georgia yesterday evening. I always thought that the previous winner influences somehow the out-coming of the next edition. Due to Jamala’s ballad we will have a year full of ballads (2/3 songs chosen so far are ballads). I don’t mind actually, I always wanted a ‘balladish’ Eurovision.

There are countries which revealed full songs for their national finals and for some of them things are going well while for others not. I am a bit disappointed of Iceland, even though I strongly appreciate the initiative of publishing english version songs. They have a lot of ballads with a lot of bla bla in them. It’s obvious that we won’t be going to Iceland next year. Ukraine on the other hand has a strong line-up for their semifinals. I didn’t manage to listen to all entries yet but Tayanna’s song is a strong contender I would say.

I’m really excited for Melodifestivalen as I previously mentioned in a post last month. Also, I think Denmark and Romania will have a strong line-up this year. We just have to be patient and enjoy the forthcoming national finals. United Kingdom will choose their entrant in less than one week, as well as Finland. Below you can find some of my favorite national final entries, fingers crossed for them!

Tayanna (Ukraine)
Runar (Iceland)
Emma (Finland)
Totova (Hungary)
Flo Weiss
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