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Trip to Sibiu

Just as I posted a few days ago, me and my friends visited three amazing cities in Transylvania, Romania. First stop was Alba Iulia, a city located on the Mures river. We only spent a few hours there to enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the hill where the old citadel is. It was really nice and the weather was great! The second stop was Sibiu where we spent the next three days. We walked a lot, we discovered a lot of interesting things and ate lots of meals which weren’t necessarily healthy (no need to worry, I’m back on my healthy track again). The last stop was Sighisoara where everything was perfect. I never knew Romania had such an amazing city since I never been there but damn, Sighisoara is the top of everything! The air, views, architecture…everything is perfect there.

Below you can see photos that I’ve taken from Sibiu. I’ll post the others in different articles.

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  1. AleBoo AleBoo May 3, 2019

    Is the video a competition to Ale TV?

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